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"LKNT" Gallery

Laini Kuumba Ngoma Troupe, Inc. attempts to facilitates the audiences understanding of African traditions, as they relate to American society and the societies of our ancestors. Concerts illustrate the authentic magnificence of the dances and rhythms with a display of movement and costuming that is entrancing. Workshops encourage participants to actually learn the dance and rhythms while lecture-demonstrations "tell" and "show" specific cultural concepts in depths. "LKNT" offers a glance at several aspects of West African societies. Repertoire includes dances and rhythms from Mali, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa, Liberia, Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, The Congo and Zaire. Our performance is a learning experience, and through them, we express true creativity and excitement. It is a lasting impression for those who experience it. It is very suitable for diverse audiences.

Healing the Mind, Body and Soul, as well as Uplifting the Spirit.

We promote the arts in all forms through


lectures, and workshops with the public. 


Lifting Our Hands to the "Creator"

QM Suma Diarra - Remembering the Ancestors

The Bamboula

The Bamboula is a Circle Dance done in

"Congo Square" in New Orleans.

This dance was don't during the days of slavery by our Ancestors.

Sunnu on the levee in Algiers

Remembering Our Ancestor For They Have Paved The Way